Science & Humanities

The Department of Science & Humanities is the first stepping stone for engineering students of all the branches and plays a vital role in cultivating their academic fundamentals among students, which will be helpful to them to pursue their core subjects easily. It offers subjects like Mathematics, Physics, English, Environmental Studies, Engineering Economics and Management. The Department is well equipped with laboratories of Physics & English.
The Language Lab is equipped with Orell Technosoft Private Limited software which makes the students learn English by using ICT, while the Physics Laboratory is equipped with different experiments set-up including I-V characteristics of Silicon, Zener, and Light-emitting diodes, Solar cell, Young’s modulus, the numerical aperture of optical fiber etc. Along with performing experiments, students also get involved in various project activities in these laboratories. The key goals of performing these experiments and projects are to enhance the understanding and visualization of various phenomena covered in the syllabus as well as to develop the skill of students in handling different measuring instruments.
The Department organizes expert talk from the renowned speakers from academics & industries, and also run various clubs which work as a catalyst to bring their capabilities out in different fields of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Along with academics, Science & Humanities department plays a pivotal role in grooming basic skills in students like attitude building and behavioral skills.