AAYAM Magazine - a novel platform for expression.

The prominent objective of any institution is to cultivate and transform the mindset of the students by providing surreal knowledge through appropriate infrastructure and facilities. Bapu Gujarat Knowledge Village (BGKV) has been patronizing for sublime academic excellence with dedication since 2009. BGKV is pleased to acknowledge the innovative efforts to consolidate the overall performance of the students by introducing “AAYAM” magazine - a novel platform for expression.
AAYAM is really empowering the fundamental instincts and talents of faculty and students for their betterment. The management has the notion to offer its best possible support in any terms to sustain and develop such spontaneity and innovation. Apart from the traditional approach to pursue the common aspects of human development, we appreciate the additional perspective/dimension for the progress of our students and faculty members by introducing the “AAYAM” magazine.
We appreciate the ability of our faculties and students to think beyond imagination and express our heartiest congratulations to the entire “AAYAM” team.