Shankersinh Vaghela Bapu Ayurvedic Hospital organized a MEDICAL RELIEF CAMP at Tharad district of Banaskantha Flood affected area. Medical checkup of all persons was done by the team. A large group of  Flood affected people were helped by the distribution of Ayurvedic/Allopathic medicine.



A free health check-up camp was organized at Paliyad Village,Gandhinagar. The camp was organized in collaboration with Village Sarpanch. A team of 5 doctors and technicians, & conducted the tests, provided consultation for general ailments and prescribed medicines for the same& distributed free medicines. Around 300 patients were checkup in this camp.



Suvarnaprashan camp was organized periodically in every month from the ayurvedic hospital. Suvarnaprashan is an ayurvedic Immunomodulatory  Medicine Preparation for 0 to 12 years of a child. Suvarnaprashanis made by SuvarnaBhasma (purified Gold Ash) and other important herbs. Suvarnaprashanis done in every PushyaNakshatra for getting its excellent health benefits. Overall Suvarnaprashan makes a child healthier both physically and mentally.